Mul Mul Mul / 물물물
single-channel HD video (color, sound) projected on multi-layered fabric screens, 5’10”, 2019


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    Installation View


A Thousand Horizons / 천 개의 수평선
24m x 3.5m media wall (composed of a total of 720 Christie MicroTiles), 3D spatial audio sound system (streamed in IOSONO 3D), 8’10”, 2019,
Powered by Hyundai Motor Group VH AWARD (



    Screening in Vision Hall & Detail Images


Spacing Being Timing / 공간두기 존재하기 시간들이기
single-channel DCI 4K (color, sound), 32′, 2018



Small Bells / 작은 종소리
single-channel HD (color, sound), 35′, 2017






Honey and Moon / 꿀과 달
single-channel HD (color, sound), 8’15”, 2017



A Record of A Journey / 어느 여행의 기록
single-channel HD video (color, sound), 21′ 15″, shot in 2012, edited later



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Dear interviewee,

It was already seven years ago that we met while traveling in India. Time flies. Thank you again for the thoughtful ideas for these random interviews with random questions from a random guy. You and all the people that I encountered there made this video come true.

I edited this video some years ago, but I could not reach you because my hard drive was broken later and I lost every file including your information. And now, too late, I upload this video online. If you ever come across my homepage ( or this video on Vimeo, please contact me. I will put your names in the credit.

Back then, I originally had a plan to make a documentary film, like a personal travel note or an observational visual diary, on my own on the road all around the world. But I could not continue on my journey after India for many reasons in life. So there are no more episodes of this project. But I still have a dream to make it someday. We will see what will happen in the future.

Hope all is well with your life. Wherever we are, I believe we will meet again, somewhere soon enough. I am looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you!

All the best,

August 2019