Chic, Le Sport! / 시크, 르 스포트!
Scarf Design for Hermès Men’s Collection, 140cmX140cm, cashmere and silk, 2021
에르메스 Hermès 남성복 스카프 디자인, 2021

store: Hermès Paris

    Chic, Le Sport!
    photography © Hermès Paris


SPACE CHEONGDAM & SPACE U / 스페이스청담 & 스페이스유
Branding, Environmental Graphic Artwork, 2021
브랜딩, 환경 그래픽 아트워크, 2021



ZERO / 제로
Graphic/exhibition designs made for ‘ZERO’, the first retrospective in Asia of the ZERO group, 2019
제로 그룹(ZERO group) 회고전 ‘제로 ZERO’ 그래픽/전시 디자인, 2019




Movements for Zen / 선禪을 위한 움직임
print on paper (size variable), artist book (990mmX180mm), animation, 2018-ongoing

    줄넘기 Jump Rope, 수영 Swim, 턱걸이 Chin ups

Time Plays / 시간이 논다
print on paper, 595mmX835mm, 2016


Pins / 핀
print on silk, 880mmX880mm, 2015


Empty Space / 엠티 스페이스
inkjet print on archival paper (variable size, edition of 30), 2008-2012
single-channel HD video (color, sound), 3’10”, 2008-2012
book (edition of 30, published by Datz Press), 2011




Empty Skate / 엠티 스케이트
inkjet print on archival paper (variable size), 2009
single-channel HD video (color, sound), 1’10”, 2009
in collaboration with Pep Kim



Time Is Gold Is Time / 시간이 금이다
work in collaboration with Hyuntae Lee and Soundance
ready-made merry-go-round, mixed media (1000X1000X600cm) + a total of 3 soundtracks (2min EA), 2018

    Installation View, Amorepacific Headquarters


The Triple Point of An Event / 축제의 삼중점
site-specific installation, PVC film, 2016

    installation view, MMCA Seoul


Season / 시즌
site-specific installation, PVC film, paper, fabric, 2014

    installation view, Amorepacific Museum of Art in Jeju Island


Stories / 이야기들
site-specific installation, PVC film, 2015

    installation view, Bluesquare Nemo Gallery